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Gilbert syndrome is a genetic disorder caused by the high presence of bilirubin in the blood. It will affect the liver functions effectively that can result in more symptoms. Bilirubin is a type of orange-yellow tint produced in the blood due to break down of red blood cells. Those who are having the syndrome may experience jaundice for a short period time followed by some other symptoms. There are several factors which influence the symptoms of Gilbert syndrome and those who want to reduce them should consult with a physician for improving conditions with high success rates.


Genetic disorders involve different types and one should know about them in detail for choosing a treatment accordingly. Gilbert’s syndrome is an inherited genetic disorder which the liver doesn’t function properly due to high bilirubin levels. Although the condition is harmless, one should consult with a doctor for reducing the risks. It occurs more in men than women that may lead to certain symptoms. Bilirubin is a yellow substance produced by the breakdown of blood cells which leads to Gilbert’s syndrome. Anyone who suffers from the syndrome should know how to manage the disorder effectively for leading a trouble-free life.

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