Welcome to ‘Gilberts Web’, we are a medical web site dealing primarily with the condition know as Gilbert’s Syndrome. Our aim is to act as a resource to people with GS, and as an educational site to those without. To achieve this aim we have reports from doctors, an interactive message board and personal comments and advice from our co-author Ian. It is now also possible to get in touch with other people with GS using our interactive Message Boards.

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Come in and have a look around, use the navigation bars on the left to get to the various pages. The frequently asked questions page is especially useful if you would like to find out about Gilbert’s Syndrome but don’t have a lot of time.

To keep up to date with Gilberts Web and any any advances with Gilbert’s Syndrome please subscribe to our Yahoo E-Group, you will receive an e-mail once every couple of months informing you of these updates. Simply send a blank e-mail from the address you wish to subscribe, by clicking on the image below.

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